Birth Story: The most beautiful moments

Early in Februrary I got a call at 5am from my wonderful friend and mom to be for a third time saying she's in labor. I rushed over, a 15 minute drive seeming to take forever. I didn't want to miss a minute. 

Getting to photograph this special moment for my friend was so humbling and I was honored beyond words to witness a miracle. Seeing the beauty of a birth changes you. By no means was this my first, but it was no less amazing to see as my first time. 

Moms, if you have ever debated hiring a photographer for your birth, stop debating, stop hesitating. Think of the wonderful moments you can have captured by a trusted photographer for you to think back on years later. Have photos to represent those memory and treasure them forever. 


While Mom got ready and comfortable, Dad set the mood, helped her relax for the baby's arrival. 

 A few hours later into the morning as the  dawn light was spilling into the bathroom, things started to progress.

But it wasn't until 10am when the baby decided it was time to come out.

The first boy, and third kid for this sweet family was finally here. And boy would he be loved and spoiled by his big sisters.

Love was all around as family came to meet baby Gray. 

Isn't he just adorable? Come back later and see more sweet baby photos as I show you what a Fresh 48 session looks like. 


Got questions? Want to know more about birth photography in Atlanta? Please, don't hesitate to get in touch.