The travel bug bit me!

One of my favorite things to do is travel. I don't do it often but it is made easier since I have family in Bulgaria. These are some of my favorite shots from one of my visits there. It's beautiful and picturesque with the  Danube to the North, the Black Sea (and Turkey) to the East and mountains wherever you looked. 

Any time I traveled by bus or train I could look out the window and see the mountains. Perhaps my love for them spurs from my mother's home town and where I spent a lot of my holidays at, a little town north of the capital of Sofia named Godech. Tucked away in the valley, surrounded by mountains. It's so quiet there that I miss it. I miss going to the cafe right by the river in the mornings and having some coffee. 

But there's so much more to see. So much more to explore around my homeland. Some of which I'll do while there this summer. Want to head to Bulgaria for a vacation and travel? Hit me up, I'd be happy to share some of my favorite places!

Seniors 2016-2017!

That's RIGHT! It's Official! 

I am looking for senior reps to kick off my one of a kind senior photography! Do you want to be like one of my models with your own styled shoot? Hair, makeup and wardrobe? Do you have what it takes to be one of my senior reps? Are you fun, and outgoing, love fashion and want to make some cash? This is your chance! 

I am looking for 3-5 girls to represent Vania Photo Studio for the 2016-2017 year! You will get a whole styled shoot with multiple looks, and lots of photos, and a way for you to make cash by talking about what you loved about the shoot! 

Got questions? Leave me a comment below or get in touch with me at! FILL OT THE FORM BELOW and  we'll get in touch this summer to get you started on your very own unique shoot! 

something like this?

or this?

So for a select few Atlanta senior girls I am offering a shoot that suits you but with a fashion flair. Something fun and fabulous with hair and makeup and wardrobe just for you! AND get this... for every referral you get CASH BACK on top of some goodies you can use to share your pictures with friends and family! 

To know more, if you are interested in being part of it fill out the form below. 


Spring Is Here!

Here in Atlanta Spring is in full bloom. I am looking forward to all the exciting and colorful sessions coming up but this one in particular was a lot of blast to style and shoot. As a photographer I get these nuggets of inspiration and am so thankful for wonderful friends that gladly team up to create pretty images. 

If you are looking to book your own styled shoot, don't hesitate to get in touch! It would be a shame not to take advantage of this beautiful weather! Great for senior photos or a good excuse to get those portraits of yourself you've always wanted!