Five Reasons to Book a Boudoir Shoot

Have you considered a boudoir shoot? Maybe you think you it's too sexy? Or you don't feel confident to strip down? I am here to convince you otherwise! 

I am a firm believer that this shoot is life changing. Every woman should get in front of the right photographer and feel sexy and strong and beautiful! 


Get pampered! My shoots include hair and makeup for the sole purpose of feeling pampered and adding just enough to your natural beauty to help you get in the mood! It's like a girl's night in with champagne, light snacks and goofing around in the sheets! 


Do it at home or at a hotel or at a  cozy studio, wherever you feel most comfortable! Talk with your photographer about what will best suit your personality. What will your significant other like? What will be most fun for you? By finding a location that you like, you won't be stressed out about the unfamiliar. It's enough to strip down, I don't want you worrying about your surroundings. 


Confidence booster! There's nothing like seeing yourself looking gorgeous to make you feel like you can take over the world! Show off your beauty and conquer your fear. You'll thank yourself later for being so brave and for kicking ass while doing it.


Hello, BRIDES!! You're already working so hard for your wedding, why not book a boudoir session to show it off? Forget engagement sessions, try a boudoir! Just think of what your significant other will say when he gets these photos on your honeymoon? RWAR! 


Why not add your significant other and make beautiful, intimate photos together! There's nothing like a sweet and spicy session with your loved one. Come and experience it! 


You get to go shopping! How fun is it to go grab some fun pieces for your own boudoir! Take some time for yourself and find those killer confidence boosting lingerie pieces that are sure to make you feel great, but maybe later get to wow your hubby!


Whether you are doing this for yourself, to celebrate a milestone or something fun to do with your significant other or girlfriends, be sure that it's an unforgettable experience and you'll be hooked! I love to pamper and hope my girls will indulge happily in all the session has to offer. Afterwards? Grab your hubby or friends and go out on the town because your hair and makeup is all ready! 


Want to know more? Don't hesitate to get in touch!